BLÜCHER, a Watts brand, manufactures high-quality stainless steel drainage products and systems.

The company’s solutions include modular drainage channels, floor and shower drains, pipe and fittings, and custom solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and maritime use. Its line of HygienicPro® drains and channels were specifically designed for use in the food and beverage industry. All BLÜCHER solutions support fast, easy system installation.

Founded in 1965, BLÜCHER has unmatched experience designing and manufacturing stainless steel drainage products. The company’s solutions are widely used in Europe, in biotech and pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage processing plants, electronics companies, consumer goods firms, on cruise ships.

Today, BLÜCHER is headquartered in Denmark and has offices in Spindale, North Carolina and Burlington, Ontario. The North American operations continue a tradition of craftsmanship, superior quality and ease of doing business for which BLÜCHER is renowned.

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