Old Bisbee Brewing Company has become renown for the exceptional quality of its’ beers. Also, with the great brewing capabilities of both equipment and staff, Old Bisbee Brewing Company is incorporating local ingrediants such as our own local, native hops, Sonoran mountain limes, and Sonoran white wheat to creat brews found at no other brewery.

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Monday 12–10:30pm
Tuesday 12–10:30pm
Wednesday 12–10:30pm
Thursday 12–10:30pm
Friday 12–11:30pm
Saturday 12–11:30pm
Sunday 12–10:30pm


Brewery Gulch, Bisbee, AZ

Top Beers On Tap

No 1
Winter Apple Ale
4.9% /
No 2
Classic Pilsner
5.2% /
No 3
Copper City Ale
4.9% /
No 4
"Double Hopped" Ipa
6.5% /
No 5
The Holy Grail "Indigenous" Ipa
7.3% /
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