Brewhaus Safety Consulting (BSC) is committed to developing and sustaining injury prevention  regulatory compliance and responsible sustainability programs.

The craft brewing industry is faced with new changing market opportunities, ongoing economic challenges, increased pressure to improve the brewing management effectiveness and unprecedented regulatory compliance requirements for breweries. Craft breweries are now recognizing the need to minimize risks through injury and incident prevention. The brewery industry has grown to over 4,000 breweries across the country and has now become a high priority for OSHA complance inspections and  currently average OSHA fines are around $11,000 per brewery inspection and four times higher the general industry.

BSC can turn these disruptive risks into opportunities. This would include reducing workers compensation and liability insurance costs, improving employee productivity and moral, and most importantly, etablishing and sustaining successful incident and injury prevention programs.  BSC provides brewery safety inspections that identify regulatory non-compliance findings and tracks recomended corrective actions along with trending data. BSC can  develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and training to minimize incidents and injuries to brewery employees and sustaining a safety culture in your brewery.

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