AZ Barrel House Tours pairs the hand-crafted beverages of its citizens with a trip through the recent history of Arizona. Viewed through the lens of the craft beer and spirits, you also get a taste of how these innovators repurpose buildings, houses and reshape our community through their hand-made creations. Sit back and let us give you a scenic tour of some of the area’ secret–and not so secret–treasures and enjoy some of the finest elixirs and food that Arizona has to offer!

What’s in our name?

During the Prohibition era of the 1920’s and 1930’s, “barrel house” was a name given to any brewery, distillery, juke joint, or other various operation (oftentimes disreputable, at that!) which sold alcoholic beverages. At AZ Barrel House Tours, we include any establishment, from brewery, distillery, craft beer bar and everything in between, that represents the history and character of Arizona through libations.

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