Why is Arizona Beer Week so important
Why Is Arizona Beer Week So Important?
February 5, 2019

Guest Post by Tap That AZ Podcast and Mixed Mercury

Now in its ninth year running, Arizona Beer Week is a statewide celebration of our ever-expanding craft beer industry. With approximately 200 events currently planned from February 7th to the 16th, the support for Arizona craft beer has finally broken the hold that large corporations once held on our market. Unsurprisingly, this momentum did not pick up overnight.

For devoted Arizona beer fans, the idea of living without the thriving craft beer scene we love seems hard to imagine. Still, it was only a handful of years ago that places like Arizona Wilderness, McFate, Wren House, and so many others didn’t exist. Luckily, over the past decade, Arizona craft beer has been rapidly expanding throughout the state. During the past ten years, the number of breweries in Arizona has risen from about 20 to over 100. Furthermore, we now have a few annual beer festivals put on by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, including one being at the beginning of Arizona Beer Week. When you think about the jobs created and lives affected by local beer you begin to realize the profound impact of the Arizona craft beer boom. Now the benefits of the growth have reached thousands of Arizonans from employees to consumers. It has required hundreds of passionate individuals giving their constant attention for us to reach this golden age of beer in our state. As a result, we now have Arizona Beer Week to celebrate all of that progress.

Arizona Beer Week serves as a testament to the positive impact that hard work and deep camaraderie have had on our local beer. For example, one of the many special Arizona Beer Week releases will the Women’s Brew Persistence Pale Ale. This beer was brewed by dozens of women involved in the Arizona brewing industry with the goal of donating all the proceeds to women’s shelters for those affected by domestic violence. This collaboration will be a perfect showcase of the incredibly talented women who are a part of our industry and will also help raise awareness about an immensely important issue. Countless more examples exist that show just how great the Arizona craft beer scene is. The best opportunity to see all of the faces that make these things happen is at the Strong Beer Festival organized by the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild. The Strong Beer Festival is critical to furthering awareness, support, and education about our local beer industry by giving attendees the opportunity to try beers from all around the state that they might not otherwise have access to. This event is the perfect way to get on top of everything going on in Arizona beer and expand your palate beyond your normal favorites.

If you haven’t personally witnessed the excitement that unfolds during Arizona Beer Week we encourage you to visit a handful of the wonderful festivities hosted by your local breweries, bottle shops, and restaurants. No matter which gathering you decide to attend you will surely be graced by delicious beer and great people. If you are unsure what events to go to check out our list of celebrations in the Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, and Flagstaff areas.

Article Written by AZ Beer Jedi